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DBU's - Advanced Digital Banking Units

Advanced Digital bank units enable the banking customers to have the banking functionalities anywhere any time. the same time this DBU also enable money changing or money exchange, Remittance and trade finance.  

Benefits of Digital Banking Units

  • Digital Banking Units can be operate in different states, Union Territories, and remote locations and will be financially inclusive of such regions and individuals.
  • Our Advanced digital banking units enable remittance transaction anywhere which reduce the cost of remittance transaction and no middle man cost.
  • Our DBU’s also have the capability to have the money changing or money remittance features  DBUs will make banking products and services easily accessible and cost-effective.
  • Those who lack an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure will be able to access banking services online.
  • DBU outlets will help non-tech savvy people avail banking services digitally.
  • It will educate people about digital financial literacy.
  • People will also get to know about cyber security awareness and safeguards.

DBU Enabled Services

  • Opening Savings Account
  • Trade finance services
  • Remittance or money transfer services
  • Money changing or money exchange services
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal
  • Check Balance
  • Print Passbook
  • Funds Transfer
  • Fixed Deposit Investments
  • Providing Loan applications
  • Digital kits for customers
  • Stop-payment instructions for issued cheques
  • Credit/Debit cards applications
  • View account statement
  • Pay taxes online
  • Pay bills online
  • Make nominations
  • Mass transit systems cards
  • UPI QR codes
  • DBUs will help you onboard with Government credit link schemes via Jan Samarth Portal.
  • The entire process of digital processing of small ticket MSME/retail loans will be taken care of by Digital Banking Units.