A Finaara product & Services.

Two out side and inside Cash deposit and withdrawal.
Advance mobile ATM with UPI Cash deposit and withdrawal.
Banker on vehicle Physically.
Digitally Connected banking security.

Multicurrency deposit and withdrawal for Money exchange.
Money remittance machine with KYC, RBA, Dynamic compliance, PEP's and other controlls.
Tradefinance functionalities to enable fast tradefinance anywhere.

DBU Innovations

Digital Banking Unit as Bank on wheels. 

DBUs will make banking products and services easily accessible and cost-effective. Those who lack an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure will be able to access banking services online. DBU outlets will help non-tech savvy people avail banking services digitally

On the road banking success

The Finaara® Technology is a Fintech, Telecom and Mechanically skilled company  as a reliable partner for banking  vehicles or fintech hard wares. As part of our partnership with high efficient and innovative vehicle manufactures and cross-country skiing teams for use different mechanical features for Bank on wheels. With the intelligent Finaara® AVRM™ (Automated Verifiable Remittance and money exchange machine) an advance ATM or DBU’s we supply our patented banking vehicle named VAMBX®.

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FINTECH Features

The VAMBX has most of all Banking or MSB’s Features including Connectivity with Core banking, ATM, eKYC, RBA, Compliance, Remittance, Trade finance, Money exchange features based Hardware and software.   

TELECOM Features

VAMBX  the Bank on wheels enable with different telecommunication features including 5G / 4G / Lora / Long rage Wifi / WAP to have the remote operation and security. The bank on wheel has high secured network features and encryption technology.   


The VAMBX Vehicle is designed mechanically to enable high secure and remotely operatable features, Electrics and electronic features connected with Telecom features to enable remotely connected to the vehicle control mechanically.    

Banking Hardware & Vehicles

Interested in buying any MAN vehicles or engines? Keen to consult a vendor for more on all the services and solutions available for MAN vehicles? Our locations in Germany are at your disposal. We look forward to talking with you.

Your Client, Our Innovative solutions.

We Finaara expertise results in a tailor-made Hardware and Software solution for your Banking and Money service Businesses.

We Innovate to Build High Secure, Remote and Fastest Banking solution. 

Our innovation to this industry is connected with different technology innovation to have the Bank On Wheel with Fastest communication, Security and Other features. 

Sleek Payment & Remittance Teller Machine

This teller machine have the capability to open bank accounts, inward and outward remittance, deposit and withdrawal using UPI cash and other payments.

It has eKYC, Dynamic compliance, Risk based assessment,  Real time remote support,  PEP’s Check, Face detection system and other.

Large Teller and Money Exchange Machine

This Automated Verifiable remittance and money exchange machine is an advance teller machine with multi currency deposit and withdrawal, inward and outward remittance and  UPI based Cash and digital transaction.

 ​It has eKYC, Dynamic compliance, Risk based assessment,  Real time remote support,  PEP’s Check, Face detection system and other.

3 ​Side Digital Banking Unit and Remittance Machine

Would you like to pamper your passengers with small meals and refreshing beverages even when on the move? The on-board kitchen of your MAN bus is fitted with all the appliances needed to meet your personal requirements, from a fridge and a microwave right through to a coffee machine.

Quick & Easy UPI Payment System

Aarapay enable non internet based payments and Withdrawal, List of ​variable and recurring payments using Cash or Digial mode of payment. 

Fastest UPI cash deposit and withdrawal and more...  

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Automation in Digital Banking Unit Using Bank on Wheels

Our offerings are combination of Disruptive innovation and Incremental innovation to the Banks and MSB to have the Traditional method and Digital methods to exercise the community towards the future enhancement and technology to the Banking, Insurance and Other cross verticals.

Global Banking / MSB consultation

Our Globally expertise consultants provide advisory & implementation services to Banking and MSB’s businesses with technology, innovation, enhancement and go global solution.

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3D View OF Bank On Wheel

Bank on Wheel named "VAMBX" is build such a way last mile connectivity to the banking and related solution with High secure remotely operatable banking vehicle with 3 side AVRM or Advance ATM to overcome Mobile ATM.